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We Power the Future of IoT

Why Choose b-things?

The Internet of Things is upon us and the Internet of Everything is just around the corner. The drive to integrate multiple products and services means a requirement for new business models for those new opportunities. b-things have created a leading-edge billing, charging and rating platform (OCS) to support the enormous volumes of anticipated devices whilst delivering improved performance and flexibility to match the market needs.

Our cloud-based solutions adapt to match the customer's services that need charging and not the other way around. This is all done whilst lowering the total cost of ownership.

Due to the difficulties experienced in monetising IoT applications, 60% fail at the proof of concept. Of those that are produced a mere 30% generate any revenue. Powerful and significant IoT ideas are not been realised and a break sits around innovations and commercial opportunities. b-things understands the road to IoT revenue, like the technology itself, breaks typical norms. IoT is highly scalable but revenue opportunities often present themselves through testing, the outcome of which may require major re-engineering of rating, charging and billing solutions. Whether it be new tariffs, a variation of core propositions or the need to quickly differentiate against a competitor, agility and low-cost adaptability is the key to success.

b-things offers a new and unique solution to the core needs of the IoT universe. We’re real-time, so completely accurate. We can plug into any legacy system and have adaptable APIs north and south to suite a vast range of variations.

So when revenue opportunities present themselves, applications on our platform can instantly respond. Build new tariffs in minutes. Alter single aspects of rating, charging and billing and execute it over multiple brands and across millions of devices.

The reason why b-things is different, is that we enable low cost innovation which is the core of the new wave of global IoT growth.

New business models

The ability to create new business models dramatically increase the opportunity for success in the market by allowing differentiated pricing models compared to the competition.

The pay as you grow approach to pricing

Minimise cash burn and thus the risk to the business of having the business case correct from day one.

Fast & ultra-flexible business modelling & adjustment

Significantly increase your IoT success rate by quickly reacting and adjusting your business model.

Our 'API First' approach enables easy connectivity to other platforms & systems (CRM, ERP, etc)

This improves the speed of implementation and ease of introducing future component upgrades. It also reduces resource costs.

A truly cloud native solution that will work in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or private cloud

Enabling an easier growth path.

Differing wholesale and retail business models are supported

Allows differentiated products and services. Deployed in a real-time environment giving a potential edge over competing players.

“The reason why we chose b-things as our IoT platform provider was the enormous flexibility of their solution. We haven't encountered any 'can't do', although we have come up with some challenging questions. Bringing creative solutions to complex problems makes our two companies feel like one team”

CEO | Beacon Fields