Our Platform

A Landmark IoT Development


Abacus is a landmark platform free from the legacy and constraints of other charging solutions. Built fresh and from the desire to rapidly commercialise and scale applications across all sectors, Abacus fits and scales to support existing business models, and help discover new ones.

Support your customers whether they are MVNOs, consumers or enterprise clients. The multi-tenant and multi-tiered Abacus platform enables each customer, dealer or sub-dealer to have their own tariff plans if you so wish.

Measure and charge for any factor from data to water flow, against an infinite number of time, location, network based rules across any connectivity. Manage multi-branded and large-scale IoT application environments from corporate mobile estates to entire smart-cities and beyond. Charge for and measure assets including data, and change and revise tariffs in minutes. Infinitely scale to support mass shared wallets across any type of connectivity from GSM to 5G.

Enable Investment with a Faster Route to Market

Abacus is hyper-scalable and delivers massive shared wallets. The platform easily integrates with legacy systems and provides comprehensive alerts and analytics to allow for optimisation. So when the commercial opportunity changes or you need to differentiate, Abacus can meet the opportunity at low cost and effort.

Empowering Mobile Operators, MVNOs, and IoT Providers for Unprecedented Success Abacus offers agility and is tested in a large range of use case scenarios, from agritech to smart-cities. It’s low-cost deployment and easy configuration and up-scale on a single platform mean navigating emerging business models is more reachable and less risky.

Reduce Risk in Emerging Business Models and Markets

abacus offers agility and is tested in a large range of use case scenarios, from agritech to smart-cities. It’s low-cost deployment and easy configuration and up-scale on a single platform mean navigating emerging business models is more reachable and less risky.

Differentiate in Fragmented Markets

The proliferation of devices and services creates challenges and opportunities to gain market share through differentiated offerings. Time and again market share is awarded to innovators who have learned what users want. abacus gives total flexibility to adapt your business model and proposition easily and at low cost.

Increase market share

Abacus can measure all billable assets on a single, infinitely configurable platform. Measure data, SMS, KWh, voice minutes and more with GPS location, analytics and external sources like weather reports. As user behavior changes, you can quickly and easily differentiate your charging or tariff model faster than traditional systems to meet new revenue opportunities - even those not anticipated in your business case.

Reduce Fraud & Failed Payments

Abacus uniquely offers instant, real-time IoT charging and billing that replaces traditional CDN uploading. This gives the highest level of security, fraud prevention and accuracy over millions of transactions. Organisations can also react instantly to usage events quickly adapting rating and other variables

Lower Total cost of Ownership

Abacus can charge for any billable asset but also works over any type of connectivity including GSM, LTE, LoRa, NB IoT, satellite and CatM

“The reason why we chose b-things as our IoT platform provider was the enormous flexibility of their solution. We haven't encountered any 'can't do', although we have come up with some challenging questions. Bringing creative solutions to complex problems makes our two companies feel like one team”

CEO | Beacon Fields

Healthcare & logistics

Sim enabled sensors play as much a role in the IoT network as any device. Applications within healthcare often have to measure, alert and charge on many non-conventional assets like the temperature of pharmaceuticals. Our platform integrates all measurable assets with RFiD sensors, GPS and cellular data to give a vast range of solutions such as tracking the temperature over a journey from any location to another.

Smart cities

Real time rating, connecting, measuring and charging everything from smart homes, healthcare, utilities and transport. Integrating mobile, fixed and LPWAN networks to enable and commercially validate the smart city


Decision structures in agritech are complex. Our Abacus platform supports applications combining sensor information on soil, crops and irrigation devices with analytics, weather patterns. The notification element advises farmers the optimum time to water or add nutrients.

Smart homes

Our Abacus platform can connect, scale and charge millions of in-home connected devices in real-time. This includes pre-paid and pay as you go models for all devices and the ability to measure any asset like KWh, liters of water, gas, SMS, voice minutes or data of MBs. We can also scale this up to connect to end-user interfaces via our API first approach. By combining real-time charging and sim management in a single platform we enable new commercial opportunities to deliver smart home solutions.

Private LTE or MVNO

Private Long Term Evolution (LTE) or Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) with multiple applications or connections are easy to meter and charge using our platform. For example, in remote locations we can track and trace equipment and an individual assets as well as onsite near field IoT applications. Connected devices can easily roam to a national provider when away from the site but the same measurements, metrics, and management can be applied if required.

Semiconductor / OEM

Our integrated cloud platform from sim to network enables IC / OEM vendors to offer a vast range of new manageable services. With complete control we offer uniform network location awareness for all networks and IMSI providers for the operator and the sim vendor.