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b-things are proud to join with Summa Networks in an innovation partnership creating new propositions for MVNO and MVNE for the IoT and traditional voice markets.

Our cloud-based leading-edge billing, charging and rating platform has been created to support the anticipated explosion in connected devices. Our platform, known as Abacus, supports event-based billing and reduces time to profit for IoT applications encouraging investment. The platform takes an API first approach so integrates easily with legacy infrastructure.

Summa Networks has developed carrier grand Home Location Register (HLR) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) joining LTE HASS, IMS HSS and HLR in one application. This enables seamless working between 3,4 & 5G. The next iteration of HSS will be suited to MVNOs and providers wishing to deliver smart home, business, and other IoT services.

The two organizations will be working closely to launch the first end-to-end solution allowing MVNOs to innovate and create their own customized IoT services and propositions.

The solution has significant benefits such as lowering the total cost of ownership due to the Saas and PAYG model. This is critical for giving MVNOs a competitive edge.

CEO of b-things, Andrew Press said “ We are selecting best of breed partners to guarantee that our solution delivers on its scalability and customisation promise and we are delighted to have Summa Networks onboard. Their next-generation HSS fits without strive for innovation as is a future-proof solution that evolves with the industry standards. With Summa, we are sure to always offer our MVNO customers the latest technology to deliver innovative solutions”

At Summa Networks, Javier Martin – CEO said “As a game-changer in the HSS and HLR market we are proud to have joined such unprecedented initiative in this sector. We want our MVNO customers to be successful through service customization and competitive margins, and we find b-things approach to perfectly fir in our vision. We hope to inspire other technology companies to support this project as we are looking for partners to enrich the ecosystem”

Both Summa Networks and b-things exhibited at the MVNOs World Congress in May.