About us

Global Charging, Rating & Policy Control Innovators

About us

We’re a business created by experienced telecoms professionals who identified the limitations of previous current monetisation solutions. We work with organisations around the globe including MNOs, MVNEs, MVNOs, System Integrators and IoT solution providers. However we can go beyond the boundaries of Telco as our Abacus platform is a highly versatile and cost effective solution for any Industry. Our team works closely with companies at all levels to provide a seamless opportunity for growth.

We’re a global development company powering the new wave of global IoT innovation in the cloud.

Making IoT agile

Our product is the most flexible IoT charging platform in the World

Enabling new IoT innovations

70% of IoT applications fail due to poor or no ROI. Our platform provides a new successful approach to solving this

Reducing IoT investment risk

Our hyper scalable agile platform enables a pay as you grow business model that allows maximum innovation at minimum cost

Bringing IoT developers together

Our growing development community and support services mean we're fostering the leading global IoT innovation centre. We welcome approaches from innovators and developers

Unlock new revenue opportunities with Abacus, the multi-tenant solution for dynamic markets.

Our product is the most flexible online charging, rating and policy control platform in the world

By providing what we call “event based billing” we enable not only the charging of traditional telecoms models such as GB, SMS or minutes but also any measurable asset. This means we can simultaneously bill elements such as electricity, IPTV, litres of fluids or even train journeys.

A real-time rating platform enables us to provide our customers their ideal monetisation model, whether it is pre-pay, post pay or hybrid.

Our hyper scalable agile platform enables a pay as you grow business model that allows maximum innovation at minimum cost

As a multi-tenant solution we allow each one of your customers to have a different charging model. If you have dealers and sub-dealers you can simultaneously enable them to have their own price plans too.

Our platform

Our core product abacus, is a ground-up platform, developed inhouse using an API first approach, making it of interest to any organisation creating or owning an IOT application.

We believe it’s the most flexible, rating, charging and billing platform in the World. It offers brand new features to both enterprise, industry and government - like real-time rating, charging and billing.

abacus is a landmark platform and for the first time, IoT applications can manage millions of devices, over any network and combine rating and charging for any measure (water flow, KWh, Mbs) over an infinite set of rules, networks, tariffs, and devices.

Its 5G ready but we support anything from GSM to WLAN and beyond. b-things will continue to power new innovations in IoT.

“The reason why we chose b-things as our IoT platform provider was the enormous flexibility of their solution. We haven't encountered any 'can't do', although we have come up with some challenging questions. Bringing creative solutions to complex problems makes our two companies feel like one team”

CEO | Beacon Fields

Executive board

Our executive board combines decades of global telco, development and consultancy experience.

Andy Press


Andy has held senior positions at multiple global companies including Teleena, Colt, OnStar, and NEC. His roles incorporated Sales, Business, Development, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Operations, and Finance Management. He is based in London.

Wim Heynderickx


Wim is one of the two original founds of b-things. Previously Wim was CTO at Teleena (now Tata Communications NL). He started working at Ericsson and has gone on to hold technical roles at eServeGlobal (now part of Oracle), Intellect and Nextel.

Ian Gerrard


Ian has spent the last 14 years helping companies build up their finance teams, creating financial models and then helping companies raise funding. He has extensive sector experience having previously worked for Sprint, Cosmat, and MCI.