Welcome to b-things

Our real-time billing and charging platform, abacus, is changing IoT by enabling new business models and unlocking unreachable revenue streams.

70% of IoT applications are unprofitable. Our platform addresses these key issues facing the future of IoT.

Built from the ground up, to support pure IoT players and traditional telco, our 'abacus' platform streamlines the drive to integrate multiple products and services. abacus allows you to create new business models across millions of devices with unique features (like real-time charging), and unlimited flexibility. All the time aiming to lower the total cost of ownership.

As IoT innovators, we understand monetising IoT is a challenge. Providers need time and testing capcity to discover the true revenue assets of individual applications. Our solution offers a pay-as-you-grow approach to allow flexibility and revenue learning as you scale without long and expensive re-deployment - a significant competitive edge over the rest.

Our Platform

abacus by b-things, is a landmark platform free from the constraints of traditional IoT charging platforms. Built fresh and from the desire to rapidly commercialise IoT applications from all sectors, abacus fits and scales with your application and business model. Measure and charge for anything, against an infinite number of rules across any connectivity.


Measure anything from data to water-flow against infinite variables like time, location, & network across any connection from Wi-Fi to GPS.


Charge all factors Vs any tariff, e.g.: charge for data per tariff, per time of day and user, dependent on third party analytics like weather or margin.


Multi-tenant and large-scale mobile and IoT applications from corporate estates to entire smart cities and transport networks.


Infinitely scale in minutes to support mass shared wallets across any type of connectivity integrated to existing infrastructure.

Discover new Revenue

70% of IoT applications are unprofitable. Discovering new revenues has become the number one challenge in the sector.

The challenge is made more difficult by having to rely on traditional business models in an unpredictable sector. Our platform addresses this by enabling new flexible business models that help you quickly deploy new options and rapidly change propositions as you learn more about user behaviour. It does this at low cost and with maximum flexibility.

Increase reoccurring revenue streams with event-based billing of any asset and the ability to bill any measurable asset (e.g.data SMS, minutes, kWh, M3, etc).

Build Retention

Build user retention & improve user experience by delivering massive shared wallets at 100% performance due to our unique database structure.

Creating acceptable and user-friendly experiences for end-users relies on understanding their behaviour and tolerance. Our platform's extensive analytics and notification engine allows you to deploy, test and grow revenue propositions to specific audiences on an unlimited number of tariffs and features without the need to re-engineer the solution.


Scaling a successful IoT business model is a significant challenge in the sector.

Our platform helps you discover and exploit new revenue opportunities. As a cloud-based solution with unique architecture, we can offer rapid and unlimited scalability far beyond traditional billing and charging platforms.

Speed up Time to Profit

The path to profitability in the IoT sector can be difficult.

The flexibility required to chase revenue can come at a high investment cost, and can be a deterrent to innovation. Our platform offers a flexible approach, meaning you can test multiple business models and quickly deploy them with an overall lower cost of ownership to maximise profitability over competitors.

Reduce Costs

IoT is becoming a complex sector and with the proliferation of devices due in coming years will undergo significant change.

This means investments become riskier over time as technology and end-use behavior changes. Meeting this challenge looks costly. Our platforms native flexibility reduces the risks of an investment in IoT and lowers the overall capital costs of getting to market and scaling up.

About Us

We’re a business created by experienced professionals who identified the limitations with previous IoT monetisation solutions. We work with organisations around the globe in sectors such as agritech, smart cities, logistics, and healthcare. Our team works closely with companies at all levels to ensure that IoT becomes a seamless opportunity for growth.