Our product range has been developed to give our customers ultimate flexibility whilst providing great usability. Whether you need a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) or just want to connect via API (Application Programming Interface) our platforms can help you. We know that each customer is unique and so we took that into account when we built our platforms. If you want to use your own CRM or Big Data analytics solution that is fine by us. Our platforms are also connectivity technology agnostic, so if you want your devices to run on CAT-M, Cellular (2G,3G or 4G), LoRa, NB-IoT, RFID, Satellite or SigFox then that is fine as well.

IoT charging, rating and billing (ICB)

Our ICB platform will provide you with all of the flexibility you require, and it enables you to ensure you only pay for the parts you use. It will allow for multi-tenant, multi-currency and will it will be possible to be white labelled to meet your needs. Its features include:

  • Choice between Online, Offline & Hybrid Charging Scenarios
  • Support for Multiple Protocols,
    Such as Diameter, Radius, HTTP, MQTT and many more…
  • Modular Charging Logic & Configurable Lifecycle
    More Complex Charging & Billing Logic possible via extensions
  • Support for Massive Shared Wallets
  • Advanced Problem Mitigation Strategies such as High Latency Mitigation, Quota Inbalance mitigation, Geographical Distributed Shared Wallets
  • Simultaneous Charging & Billing so no need for lengthy bill cycles
  • Notifications & Alarms
  • Easily scalable to millions of devices

IoT Sim Card Management (ISIMO)

Our ISIMO Sim management platform enables you to simply manage of Data SIM-cards, associated price-plans and invoices. It can be used as a standalone platform via a web GUI or part of an integrated IoT Ecosystem via API. Its features include:

  • Multi-tenant, white-labeled environment
  • Dynamically organize SIM-cards
  • Support for Massive Shared Wallets
  • Real-time wallets per SIM-card, group and tenant
  • Price Plan Management per SIM-card, group or tenant
  • Instant overview of status and usage
  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Invoice Generation per SIM-card, group or tenant
  • Automated SIM-batch ordering

 Advanced Notification Engine (Search & Shout)

Our Search & Shout platform is an advanced notification engine that enables user to deliver messages in a range of formats to individuals as well as groups using extensive logic. It also has a wide range of inbound triggers. This means it is ideal as a notification service for schools or companys. Its features include:

  • Multi-Tenant platform which is hyper-scalable
  • Available as white-labeled platform
  • The large array of inbound triggers including:
  • PUSH API e.g. Location Updates
  • MAIL via POP3 & IMAP
  • MQueues e.g. Location Updates
  • Search & Shout Web GUI
  • SMS via SMPP e.g. Applet updates
  • Ready-to-go Scenarios for sequential and parallel contact hunting with delivery tracking
  • Customised scenarios available without coding
  • A wide range of outbound options including:
    • EMAIL via SMTP and Mass EMAIL
    • SMS via SMPP
    • SMS via API
    • PUSH API
    • Voice Notifications